Understanding the quality hash strains

The trichomes in a cannabis plant are rich in resin and are many times more effective for medical and recreational purposes. These are known as concentrate strains. Strains got from these resins are also known as hash strains or hashish. People get a “high” from these strains by smoking them in a pipe or vaporizer. It can be mixed with marijuana (the herbal part of the cannabis plant) as well, as part of various treatments. As a smoker of hashish, wouldn’t you want to know if your strains are genuine and of the right quality or not? Here are some ways that you can follow for testing the authenticity of the hash cannabis strains.


Cannabis strains are known for their strong flavour and aroma. Naturally, the first check that you have to perform to know if your hash is of good quality or not, is to check the aroma. Fresh-smelling strains are of good quality. It doesn’t matter if the fragrance is mild or intense. The only thing that you need to check for is if the smell is fresh. If you smell anything slightly foul, mouldy or those of chemicals like plastic, it means that your weed strain is adulterated.


If you are satisfied with the aroma, the next point that you need to check is the appearance of the strains. If you want hash that is lightly pressed, you should see if the strains are in light brown in colour with a texture like sand.  On the other hand, if you want tight-pressed strains, you should see if the hash in front of you is dark brown in colour and shiny/rigid to touch.

Bubble test

Want to know if your hash is of genuine quality or not? Light it up by taking a small amount of hashish and then setting it to fire. What happens? If the hashish is genuine, you will notice a bubble effect, a chemical reaction caused when the resins of the hashish get mixed up with fire. You will see the strains changing colour because they are burning. If you don’t notice any bubble and if your hashish strains don’t react to fire at all, it means they are mixed with contaminants.


The hashish strain that you would want will depend on what you expect from your hash experience. Sativa-dominated strains contain very high TCH ratios and give you an instant high when you smoke them or take them in any form. On the other hand, indica-dominant strains are more subtle and they are known for providing a relaxing effect on your body and mind.

Hash strains are consumed in the same way as most of the cannabis strains. When you are consuming hash strains like Diesel Strains, you must ensure that they are extracted properly from the cannabis plant. An extraction process which is detailed and sophisticated will help retain the essence of the resins. Therefore, if you want to get a magical cannabis experience, you should be 100% sure that the hash strains that are you use are genuine and of high quality.