Taobao is the biggest shopping website in China where you can find anything at the lowest prices! It ranks first in China as the most popular online shopping destination of choice for Chinese consumers according to Alexa, with millions of daily visitors on the hunt for amazing deals which can only be found in this marketplace. There are countless items being traded every day from wide range of categories like Apparel, Accessories, Electronics, Cosmetics, Home Improvement, etc! And you can save even more with Taobao Daily Sales, Clearance Sales, and by shopping during Taobao’s most anticipated events of the year like Single’s Day and Double 12.

With lots of shoppers from overseas who would like to buy in Taobao, many might have underwhelming experience because the platform itself is really designed for chinese consumers, and the sellers are not capable to handle international transactions making it very difficult to buy from outside of China.


Many of these issues can be attributed to language barrier. Communication is very important to get your order right, and majority of sellers can’t even speak english and that’s quite a problem. The website itself is in Chinese, but of course you can easily translate the whole webpage by using Chrome as your browser with its built-in english translation.  Although you can use english keywords when searching for products, it’s still best to use Chinese keywords for more accurate searches. Many sellers do not accept international payment methods; this limits your options. Also, Taobao sellers do not have the experience in shipping internationally, and if ever they do, most likely you will have to pay for a higher rate. Aside from these, there are also many scams in this very crowded marketplace. This is where Taobao Agents come in to help overseas shoppers buy from Taobao. But the question is, which Taobao Agent is the most Reliable, Trustworthy and gives you the most value-for-money services?

There are many Taobao Agents in China but I highly recommend Taobao Age. for many reasons!

Very Generous Offer!

Taobao Age service fee is only 5% of product cost which is very reasonable. Other Agents charge 8 to 10% based on Product Cost + Local Shipping. There is no minimum fee which is also gives you savings for small purchases. With this small fee, you can take advantage of many offers like inspection, consolidation, 24/7 customer support, international shipping, dropshipping, etc. For larger sums at least 1,000 USD, you can also get cashback from Taobao Age. for your payment transfers.  And each transaction enables you to earn points which you can later use to upgrade your membership to Gold or Platinum with lower service fee and great benefits! Service fee for Gold and Platinum members are 3%, and 1% respectively.

Shipping Savings!

You can avail of discounted rates in shipping to your country using Taobao Age. They have volume of transactions with their shipping partners that allows them to get discounts which translates to lower shipping cost. At the same time, you will have access to different shipping methods like DHL, SF Express, FedEx, EMS, Aramex, TT Express, ePacket, HK Post, China Airmail, and the list goes on. Using express courier, you can get your package in just 3 to 7 days!

You can also save in shipping cost by combining your orders into one package. The fee for first half kilo is more costly than succeeding halves, so you can avoid paying the same charge in different transactions as Taobao Age combines your orders into one package.

Easy Payments

You can pay easily and securely using Paypal. Taobao Age. does not ask for your credit card information, thus payment using your credit card will be paid securely via Paypal service. You can also pay internationally using Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bank Transfer.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is available round the clock to help you. You can expect fast response to queries, and fast updates to your orders. Customer service team pays close attention to detail and handles all your orders professionally. Taobao Age make sure all your instructions are communicated effectively to the seller. In case there are issues with the product, you will be notified immediately, and issue will be promptly resolved with the seller so that you will receive the correct order according to your specifications.

Using Taobao Age order system is also very simple. But of course Taobao Age customer service team is there for you if you anytime you need help. You can easily contact them thru live chat in Taobao Age. website.  

With Taobao Age, you can get easy acccess to taobao, products, and countless deals in this vast marketplace. Taobao Age. definitely makes your shopping from outside of China very easy, convenient, and secure. Visit Taobao Age now at to optimize your Taobao Shopping!