Some Stroller Related Tidbits That Can Help You

Strollers are available in various types, colors, features etc. which often leaves the buyer confused and frustrated. What adds to the frustration is the decision of choosing between three-wheeler stroller and four-wheeler stroller. We realize the need for a guide to help you choose between the two of them.  Here is a guide to help you choose and make sure that you buy the best for kids and infants. If you are still confused after reading this, then click here for more details.

Three-wheelers Strollers:

Three-wheeler strollers are usually bulkier and wider than the regular four-wheeler strollers. These have larger wheels because of which it becomes comparatively easier to move around with. Also, because of the inflatable wheels, three-wheeler strollers absorb the bumps which add to the comfort of the baby. These strollers have greater maneuverability, yet it’s likely to roll away if enough attention is not paid. While taking turns, the likelihood of it tilting sideways is greater than four-wheeler strollers.


Four-wheeler Strollers:

A few models of four-wheeler strollers have two smaller wheels in the front and two larger wheels at the rear side of it which increases its stability and provides maneuverability similar to three-wheeler strollers. Umbrella strollers can be folded and stored easily therefore, it proves to be a preference while travelling.

Which stroller provides more safety?

In a poll, a few years ago, four-wheeler strollers were voted to be safer by the owners. The three-wheeler strollers had complaints of falling badly and rolling away all of a sudden. To help prevent the accidents of strollers rolling away, it has made compulsory for strollers to have a strap, while falling of them is still an issue. Although both, three-wheeler and four-wheeler strollers, can tilt backwards unexpectedly, the likelihood of three-wheeler strollers is greater. While taking a turn, the probability of tilting increases.

Which one should you buy?

Look at the situation, consider your purpose of purchasing a stroller and only then go buy one. Also, consider the place where you’re going to use it.

Inflatable wheels will work best if you need to jog and walk often. They will increase your maneuvering comfort.  In the places with small areas, a not so wide and heavy stroller would be the best. While shopping, a stroller with storage capacity would be great. While using public transport, foldable and lightweight strollers are preferable. Walking on off-roads and uneven surfaces can be tricky and this is where big wheels will come to the rescue. Big wheels make the handling very comfortable.


Three-wheeler strollers are lighter, easier to fold and cheaper. These are easier to maneuver in narrow places. The stability of these strollers isn’t much while tilting. Three-wheeler strollers are suggested for parents who wish to jog and walk and want a lighter stroller.

Four-wheeler strollers have greater stability on off-roads and give a smoother experience. These are heavier and more expensive as compared to three-wheeler strollers. Steering these in the narrow places is a difficult task. Four-wheel strollers are suggested for parents who are often faced with off-roads and want a smoother experience with the stroller.