My Luxury Bargain: Your Ultimate Shopping Destination in Turkey

Waltzing into a boutique and buying a new designer bag at its full price, or pulling up your favorite brand’s website and ordering online is great. But this is not the way a smart shopper shops. Across the world, women have realized that it is hard to keep up with the changing trends in luxury fashion. This is why most opt to buy pre owned designer handbags and accessories.

You can shop your favorite Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Goyard from a pre owned website at less than half of what it would sell at the respective brand’s boutique. The prime reason why pre owned designer bags are in fashion today is that it is affordable. In today’s world, all independent women are financially sound and have their own style statement. That is why from a super model to a corporate leader everyone desires an ultra-chic luxurious tote which adds a glamour touch to their looks.

[Image: designer-handbag-turkey.jpg]

Designer bags have the ability to elevate your style and set you aside from the crowd. In short, today all fashionistas want to spend their hard earned money on a sound investment so that they can maintain their style quotient without burning a hole in their pocket. Shopping pre owned luxury fashion lets you do so.

If you want to find a good deal to shop your favorite designer handbag in Turkey, then one such pre owned website that we highly recommend is My Luxury Bargain. You can be completely assured with My Luxury Bargain.

This coveted website has been ruling the industry. Their team carefully curates luxury products that are unique from boutiques in Europe and the Middle East. To ensure that every item listed on the portal is authentic, the website follows a two-step authentication procedure. Whenever a new item arrives at their office their expert team does a thorough check of the stitching, embossing, lining, lettering, stamping, symmetry, hologram etc. Apart from that, serial number or date code is also checked to verify the authenticity of an item. Once the team is satisfied with the authenticity of an item it then sends roughly 40 high-resolution images to a professional authenticating agency that it has tied up with. This agency is based out of Los Angeles and is renowned in the world for authenticating luxury items. The team is so sure of its practices that it offers a life time money back guarantee on all its products. If any professional authenticator claims the product not to be genuine, the website will refund your money, no questions asked.

The website also offers a “Negotiate” tab through which the prospective buyer can negotiate the price with the seller. This way interested buyers can get a better deal and sellers are able to sell their items faster.

The simple yet powerful ideology of this website is “To make luxury affordable”. Apart from that, if you want to make money by selling your unwanted treasures of luxury fashion items you can do that too.

The prime motto of My Luxury Bargain is customer satisfaction. That’s why it has been recognized as a brand within just a few years. In short, here you’ll get everything that is not easily available which differentiate themselves from the peer group. So when it comes to shopping designer handbags in Turkey, dig deep into the ocean of luxury and glamour at My Luxury Bargain and give yourself a stylish yet sophisticated look.