Lingerie for Different Body Types

Wearing sexy lingerie is every woman’s dream to wow her man or bodysuits feel sensual and good about herself. Though many women go through several apprehensions, they feel that they won’t feel or look right in a particular pair. The important thing to remember here is that lingerie is made for you to draw one’s eyes to the parts of your body that you, yourself, are most comfortable with. There is a wide variety of lingerie in the market out there, so broad that you can find it in every body style. It’s true that every woman has a unique body style, but these styles can be classified in some types to ease out the lingerie shopping. Let’s have a look, then.

Image result for Lingerie for Different Body TypesApple–Shaped: 
Those women are usually said to be of an apple-type shape that has most of their body weight concentrated in the middle that is the waist. However, they can have heavy or a light chest, varying to women to women. Apple shaped women can look phenomenal in corsets. This is because corsets help women to highlight their long, slender legs and corsets helping them to tone down their bigger waist structure. As apple-shaped bodies are blessed with beautiful legs, they can draw attention to those by wearing v-shaped panties and also full sized bras to complete their look. These accessories help in highlighting their best features and toning down the less flattering ones.

Pear shaped bodies are commonly described as the bodies that are heavier in the lower part than in the top. They tend to have smaller chest area and fuller thighs and hips. In order to make their body seem proportioned, pear shaped women can go for ruffled bras or flairy styled tops. Such bras will give a sense of more action up there and will look gorgeous paired with boy shorts, and make the body balanced and sensual at the same time.

Banana shaped women ordinarily have a straighter figure unlike apple or pear shaped women. They have to make up for the lack of natural curves as they have a lean structure. These women can opt for demi cup bras. These bras accentuate their breasts making them look like they have more volume and also help to create cleavage. For the lower part of their body, curves can be added by wearing low rise panties that have a high cut. These panties will help in creating an illusion of curves in hips and accentuate that. Banana shaped women can also go for thongs or G-strings Pantiesas they bring about more sex appeal because these show off more skin on a slender body frame.

Women with an hourglass figure have equally proportions top and bottom body structure with waists slimmer than both. These women have beautiful natural curves and so, they should go for body suits. These body suits are made to highlight and show off a woman’s curves and look great on an hourglass figure. Garter belts are another sexy accessory that an hourglass figure does full justice to, due to their smaller waists. 

So, find out your body type, try out these suggestions, mix, and match and GO WILD!!!!