How To Draw A Self Portrait Better

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Drawing a self portrait is a great way of learning how to make portraits in the right way. It is in fact the first step to preparing a painting as well. It is not mandatory that the imagery you have in your mind of the drawing turns out to be the same in the sketch. In this article we give you a step-by-step guide on how to draw a self portrait better. We assure you at the end of this article, you will be thoroughly convinced why your next sketch is going to be a self portrait:

  • Create Thin Lines First

The first step to drawing a self portrait should be to make the outline. You have to know the proportion of your face. We all think we know the proportion of our face well but it turns out quite different when you begin drawing it. Hence it is important that you start with drawing the major features such as eyes, nose and lips first to create the right foundation for your self portrait. This is so because in case you feel later on that you are not liking it or it does not look similar to you, you can erase it.

  • Give Shadows

The one way of making a drawing look professional is adding shadows the right way. But first start on a light note. You can use a smudging tool or even your finger to create the shadows, and make sure to blend it well. Without shadows, any drawing whether it be a self portrait or not will look incomplete.

  • Focus On The Hairline

This is not something you might realise as a beginner but you should know the proper length of your hairline. Make sure to make the hairline thick and add good amount of shadow along the way to make it look realistic.

  • Now Go Into The Details

Once you have outlined the portrait and given it the right amount of shadow, start to get into the fine details of it, For example, take time to focus on areas such as the lips and eyes. Fill them up well and you could also add some shadow to the area around the neck. In case you want to use coloured pencil, you can do it at this point of time.

  • Frame It

A good frame will compliment your self portrait painting and will make your drawing come alive. You could choose a wooden frame or a simple black frame that could go well with the greys of your charcoal or pencils.

Going to create the perfect sketch is illusional. You cannot create the perfect portrait in the first go. But with the right kind of technique and practise you will excel at it over time. It will turn out to be a fun task over time when you will start understanding the details of self portrait.