Five ways your business can benefit from roll up banners?

Roll up banners are often referred to as roller banners, pull up banners or pop-up banners. They have been created to promote products, services and brands at conferences and exhibitions. Banners are useful at getting your point across to potential customers, however, roll up banners are desirable because they enable you to transport them with ease.

Here are five benefits of roll up banners:

  1. Easy assembling

Roller banners are much more convenient nowadays. All it takes is a matter of seconds and the stand can pop-up. Starting at the base; you pull the banner up and slot the telescopic pole into place. The disassembly of the banner is easier because of quick and simple retractable capabilities.

  1. Durability

You are at a conference all day: how can you guarantee that your roller banner will hold? The roll up banner is made of aluminium; therefore, it is lightweight (which is suitable for transportation) however one of its other properties is durability, being plenty strong enough to survive multiple uses, along with non-corrosive so if you have to be out in the damp weather you don’t have anything to worry about.

  1. Storage and space

As a consequence of the roll up banner being narrow and high, it has a greater impact and therefore doesn’t require much floor space – which is preferable for exhibitions, when more floor space can mean more expenses. Surely a banner that can fold away is ideal if you’re travelling to conferences on a regular basis – hence why roll up banners have been created!

Similarly, what do you do with the banner once it is not in use? Because of the roller banner being retractable – it is now possible to fold the banner away – ensuring it doesn’t become damaged or dirty – allowing you to re-use it at future conferences!

  1. Transportation

How do you transport a promotional banner to and from a conference, safely?

The roll up banner is extremely effective. It has never been more convenient to carry a banner to a venue since the development of the pop up banner! When folded away, the banner is light and compact making it easier to transport in the car or on public transport – and ultimately there is no heavy lifting included! HFE signs even provide you with a free padded or unpadded travel bag which assures you have no difficulty getting your banner to the exhibition!

  1. Promotion

Whether you’re at a conference, exhibition or workshop: you want your banner to promote your products and services effectively. The fact that your banner can roll-up and down quickly and efficiently can be advantageous for you when creating brand awareness!

Roll up banners and HFE Signs

At HFE we have the perfect solution if you’re looking to find a roll-up banner that’s within your budget and meets your needs for quality. We also have various widths available, starting from 800mm wide to 1500mm wide.

*Please note that our wider banners can be found in our Budget, Tall and Premium ranges*

All our roll up banners are made to a high quality and can be personalised to your specific needs. Furthermore, they are sturdy and reliable for those all-important conferences. So, if you’re looking for a marketing method which enables you to illustrate your message to the viewing public, and to promote footfall to your company – we recommend you purchase one of HFE Signs roll up banners!

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