Don’t Be a Static Women, Do what is Necessary

Being a woman might be the most significant gift. But with being grateful as a woman, you should also take care of you as it is necessary. The world is full of challenges and every challenge you should fight for yourself and everywhere you won’t find someone to support you. Therefore you need to be intelligent enough to tackle every situation comes to your way.

Challenges for a woman

  • Money: Directly around 26% women face money problems directly, these include meeting with financial needs, taxes, and cost of living.
  • Family: Out of 100, 22 women’s primary concern is their family.
  • Health: Around 15% faces health concerns.
  • Stress: Around 14% women feel like they can’t balance their lives, they are always under thestress of time management of things to be done.
  • Job: As many as 18% women are concerned about their jobs.
  • Education:As many as 7% women are concerned about their education and their children’s education.
  • Equal rights: Around 4% of women feel that they don’t enjoy equal rights.

These all above are challenges a woman face day to day. But there is another primary concern that women met from way past and till now is being scared of being stalked, raped and killed. This has become a significant worry. More than 3.4 million people get stalked in one year time in theUSA,and so women’s are concerned about the fact. In every 98 seconds, someone in theUSA is sexually assaulted, which means that more than 570 people in a single day become victims of sexual violence. As estimation around 17,700,000 women were victims of rape in the USA since 1998. In 2016 Uniform Crime Report (UCR), estimated rape victims of USA in the year 2015 were 90,185.

What do these figures mean?

The first thing meant by these figures is that women should be much more careful. They shouldn’t sit and wait for the cops or relatives or friends to come and help them out. They should prepare themselves to save them from the assaults and then try help from other sources.

One of the easiest ways to deal with such kind of assaults is mini pepper spray. The mini pepper spray will make the make the attacker’s eyes and lungs burnt for a period of sometimes and they won’t be in a condition to attack you. Taking advantage of that time, you can run away and reach the nearest place or person and secure yourself so that no harm comes to you.